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Company & Products
Frombio Oy as a distributor company
offers quality products made in
North Karelia by Karelia Berries LLC
on European market:

  • Fresh berries;
  • Deep-frozen berries and mushrooms;
  • Deep-frozen berry purée/squash;
  • Berry juices, nectars, drinks, syrups;
  • Berry jams;
  • Sorbet juices, berry drink base;
  • Berry and fruit food fillers;
  • Sugared berries;
  • Freeze-dried products.



Quality and safety are at the very core of
“Karelia Berries” work, controlled by Frombio Oy.





6 reasons to choose Karelia Berries:


Our products do not contain juice concentrates,
artificial additives and they are non-GMO!

  Vitamins are still there!
we do not boil berries during the processing, because evaporating water and
making products through preparing concentrates is the way to lose many
nutritive substances and vitamins.
  Reliable and safe packaging!
we bottle our products and use glass bottles as glass is one of few materials
that let us keep the product preservative-free safely.
  Organic quality certificate! 
our production process is certified as compliant with the GOST standards
(All Union State Standards), and we also received Organic certificate issued
by the acknowledged assessing organisation.
  We are in control of the whole production process –
starting with picking the berries and to bottling and packaging!

for instance, all our bilberries were picked in nordic woods, and we do not
purchase it from Ukraine because of radiation pollution on their territories.
  Hard work in every bottle!
by choosing our products you provide more than 9000 people living
in Karelian villages with seasonal jobs. Quite often they do not have
any other jobs, so your choice is essential for them. 



Thomas Steenberg

Champion of Denmark in
24-hour marathon.
Participant of IAU ultramarathons
(The International Association
of Ultrarunners)



Yulia Ushakova

Honored Master of Sports of Russia
in Body Fitness, IFBB champion and
participant of European and Russian
body fitness events, tournaments
and contests



Alexey Lukyanuk

Master of Sports in Motor Rally,
Overall Champion of Russia and
Estonia, 2015 Bronze Medallist
of Europe Championship


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