Frombio Oy

is a agent company. We offer quality products
produced in 
North Karelia by ACPSC Yagody Karelii on European market.

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Company & Products
Frombio Oy as an agent company
offers quality products produced in
North Karelia by
ACPSC Yagody Karelii on European market:
  • Fresh berries;
  • Deep-frozen berries and mushrooms;
  • Deep-frozen berry purée/squash;
  • Berry juices, nectars, drinks, syrups;
  • Berry jams;
  • Sorbet juices, berry drink base;
  • Berry and fruit food fillers;
  • Sugared berries;
  • Freeze-dried products.


Quality and safety are at the very core of ACPSC Yagody Karelii's work, controlled by Frombio Oy.