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​Frozen Aronia IQF, 25kg paper bag

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​Frozen Aronia IQF, 25kg paper bag
(L. Arónia melanocárpa)

Available as ORGANIC CERTIFIED product from the main company - Karelia Berries.

If you need organic berries please contact us.
Origin - Karelia, Russia.
Radiation free. Meets requirments for babyfood production.

Frozen berries are cleaned using an mechanical cleaning system and electronic separation with the latest technologies: LED, OPTICAL, LASER, INFRARED cameras. The cleaning line has also a metal detector and X-RAY detector. Berries can be cleaned to a different quality class as per the needs of the customer.  
Storage t: -18C
Storage life: 24 month
Price is for conventional berries on FCA terms.
Factory is in Kostomuksha (Karelia, Russia).

Please ask the specification and delivery terms.