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Drinks & Sorbets

Drinks & Sorbets

Are you the owner of a small cafe or gourmet restaurant? Do you want to expand the range by delicious fruit drinks, berry sorbets, sauces for meat dishes? Or do you want to offer a unique berry tea? Then these products are for you!

Package sizes:
5.5kg plastic canister

Storage at: 0+25C
Storage life: 9 month

Vaccínium vítis-idaéa
vaccinium myrtillus
Wild cranberry
Vaccínium оxycоccus
Sea buckthorn
Rí́bes ní́grum

What is it?
Smooth mixture from rubbed berries with sugar as a puree.
Brix 30-45%; ph<3.6. Product is pasteurized.
Content: Berries 50%, water, sugar

How to use?:
1 for preparation of sorbets with
special freezer for soft ice-cream
  1kg = 20 portions
  of product / of natural sorbet (50g)

2 for preparation of different juice
containing drinks
  1kg = 25 glasses
  of product / of natural drink (200ml)

3 as dip for traditional ice-cream
4 as additive to tea and coffee
and also to alcoholic
and non-alcoholic drinks

5 for preparation of sauces
and dips for meat and other dishes

6 for preparation of low calories jams and fillings for
bakery products (cakes, pies, cookies, pastries)
with addition of pectin or other thickeners
Drinks & Sorbets
Drinks & Sorbets