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Thomas Steenberg
Champion of Denmark in 24-hour marathon.
Participant of IAU ultramarathons
(The International Association of Ultrarunners).

Functional drink for those who do sports and fitness!
"During the world championship I’m restoring my energy by drinking bilberry nectar “Karelia Berries”. That’s what I need when I run ultramarathon! Bilberry helps to restore strength and reduces muscular fatigue, and sugar gives the energy boost. Earlier I had to drink soda, and there’s nothing healthy in soda. “Karelia Berries” is a real catch for me. It is notable that today I’ve set my personal best which is 215,46 km."



Yulia Ushakova, Russian athlete
Honored Master of Sports of Russia in Body Fitness,
IFBB champion and participant of European and Russian body fitness events, tournaments and contests, Life Line Charity Ambassador
I’m happy to share with you!
I tried “Karelia Berries” nectars on the tip of my friends. The nectars are really tasty, plus it is local product made from healthy wild berries. Health values of bilberry, for example, are well-known – it is good for blood vessel fortification, and bilberry is low-cal. 
You definitely should try! 



  Alexey Lukyanuk
Master of Sports in Motor Rally, Overall Champion of Russia and Estonia, 2015 Bronze Medallist of Europe Championship

“Karelia Berries” juices help me to maintain great competition form!

"I’m really glad to greet “Karelia Berries” as one of our partners, and that I’ll have their support on European rally routes. Our philosophies of working on the highest levels, aiming for perfection and success basing on use of cutting-edge technologies completely converge.
I’d like to add that “Karelia Berries” juices help me to stay in top shape during hard competitions and between them!"


Anastasia Prikazchikova
Ecoblogger and journalist who promotes natural living in her “green” blog
Two for me, please! The rare occasion when I don’t mind store-bought jam!
"My friend finally brought me “Karelia Berries” blueberry jam! I’ve been asking for it since I first tried it in Kostomuksha last November – it is the most delicious jam I’ve ever tried! It is phenomenal! It’s sweet enough, as I like it, and well… I don’t know how to describe it, you just need to try it yourself”.